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Toffee and Pear upside down frangipane cake with vanilla crumbs and condensed milk ice cream 😃😃

I am so obsessed with my new toy, air fryer so I tried to make everything in it 😆😆 Today I made this wonderful dessert and it's so simple and delicious. Recipe is below if you wanna have it a go 😀😀

This recipe make 12-16 portions (Depends on how big pieces you cut) Half it if you make a small tray.

For frangipane

200g of Soften Butter

200g of Brown sugar

100g of Ground almond

150g of Self Raising flour

1 Tsp of Baking powder

1 Tsp of Almond extract

4 Eggs

2 Tbsp of Milk

For the toffee sauce

150g of Butter

150g of Dark brown sugar

2 Tsp of Vanilla extract

300ml of Double cream

For the vanilla crumbs

100g of Melted butter

150g of Plain flour

50g of Sugar

1 Tsp of Vanilla extract

For the condensed milk ice cream (no churn recipe)

1000ml of UHT Double cream

1 Can of Condensed milk

2 Tsp of Vanilla extract


1) Make condensed milk ice cream. Pour the double cream and condensed milk in a mixing bowl, then lightly whip it. Just to thicken up. Pour them in a container then freeze it until set.

2) Make toffee sauce. In a small sauce pan put everything in and heat up. Stir all the time to make sure it won’t burn at the bottom. Keep some for plating later one. The rest put it in the baking tray for the cake.

3) Peel 3-4 pear and slice them into thin slice (aprox. 1 cm thickness)

4) Make frangipane. In a mixing bowl, put all the ingredients in and then mix well. You can use a hand mixer as well but don’t over mix it.

5) In a large baking tray, brush some butter to make sure the cake won’t stick. Then pour the toffee sauce in, lay the bottom of the tray with sliced pear. Cover the pear with frangipane batter.

6) Bake them in a preheat oven at 180c for 25- 30 minutes (Test it with a skewer) once done let it to cool

7) Make vanilla crumbs, in mixing bowl. Mix everything in and then put it into a large baking tray with baking paper. Spread the crumbs evenly then bake at 190c for 15-20 minutes.

8) Assemble. Once the cake is cool then slice them into rectangle pieces. Put on a plate, spoon some vanilla crumbs on the side then top with a scoop of condensed milk ice cream. Drizzle the cake and the ice cream with toffee sauce.


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